Police report details records of 25 of 27 killed in Jacarezinho


A report by the Secretariat of Intelligence (SSinte) of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro details the criminal records of 25 of the 27 suspects killed in Jacarezinho, a favela in the North Zone of Rio where the operation took place last Thursday (6). The other two had no crime notes.

Last week, in disclosing information about the operation, the police said that all those killed in the operation, which is considered the most lethal in state history, had a criminal record and that they clashed with agents.

As the RJ2 showed on Monday (10), the report with the criminal records of the shots showed that, of the 27 dead, 25 had passages by the police.

Details of alleged crimes
The document points out that 12 of them were involved in drug trafficking in Jacarezinho;
Another 12 had records for other crimes, such as possession and use of drugs, theft, robbery, illegal possession of weapons, threat and personal injury. One was booked for contempt;
Of the 12 dead without a report of involvement in drug trafficking, the police say that in three cases, relatives confirmed in testimony their connection with criminal factions;
In the case of the other nine, the police justified their involvement in trafficking from photos and messages posted on social networks;
Regarding the two with no criminal record, the police said they were involved in the trafficking confirmed in testimony by relatives. One was a minor;
The report also includes photos of the dead taken from social networks. In many, they appear with weapons. In others, no.

The report does not say how the 27 people were killed. In one case, in testimony to the police, a relative reports what she says she saw what happened to Francisco Fábio Araújo Chaves within the community.

The woman said that he left the house saying that he would go to his mouth to buy marijuana and that at 8:15 am he informed by phone that he had fled to a house with the drug dealers after the police arrived and there was a firefight. According to the woman, he said he was wounded by a shot in the hand and shrapnel in the foot.

The woman says that she went to the house where he was and saw two bodies and two prisoners alive, one of them, Francisco and that francisco was placed inside the caveirão, as the police armored car is called, and realized that he had only injuries in the hand. The report does not show the end of the woman's testimony.

Three cited in complaint
Also in the document, of the 27 dead, only three were cited in the complaint offered by the Public Ministry, which guided the Justice in the arrest warrants and motivated the police to enter the favela.
The researcher at the Racial Justice Center of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation - São Paulo, Felipe da Silva Freitas, stated that "the possible participation of people in crime does not authorize any type of state action in the face of execution".

"The operation carried out at Jacarezinho was, in practice, an execution. It was an operation that was not justified under any technical aspect," he said.

The Legal Medical Institute finished the necropsy of the bodies and the burials continue on Monday (10).

Source: https://g1.globo.com

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