Carbon Credit: scientist explains how Amazonas can benefit from this market


One of the alternatives pointed out by environmentalists to try to reduce deforestation in the Amazon is to stimulate investment in carbon credits. But what does this term mean and how can Amazonas benefit from this market?

To understand about carbon credits, G1 interviewed the American biologist Philip Fearnside. A researcher linked to the National Research Institute of the Amazon (Inpa), he has studied the Amazon for 40 years and is one of the world references on sustainable development.

According to the researcher, both countries and companies can enter this market. With preservation, global warming and the greenhouse effect are also combated, in addition to keeping biodiversity and forest populations protected.

"Global warming is already happening, it is causing damage even here in the Amazon and it will be much worse if we do not take quick actions to reduce the emission of these gases into the air," explained the researcher, who emphasizes the importance of controlling deforestation. "Stopping deforestation is much more important than planting trees. It is an immediate thing. You save a hectare of forest, it’s 150 tons of carbon that doesn’t go into the atmosphere."


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