Find out who was the teacher killed in an attack on a crèche in Santa Catarina


Teacher Keli Adriane Aniecevski, 30, was one of the victims of the attack on the Pró-Infância Aquarela kindergarten, in Saudades, in the west of Santa Catarina, this Tuesday (4/5). In addition to the teacher, at least three other children also died. Keli's death was confirmed by the secretary of Education of Saudades, Gisela Herman. According to family members, the teacher had worked at the school for five years. The unit serves children from six months to 2 years old. An 18-year-old boy broke into the school and attacked the employee and the children with a machete. The woman died on the spot. The motives for the crime are still unknown. The teenager was apprehended. Tragedy According to the Civil Police, the young man used a machete to attack the teacher and the children inside the day care center. In an interview with journalists at the scene of the crime, police chief Jerônimo Marçal, responsible for the case, reported that the suspect first attacked the teacher. Hurt, Keli ran to the room where the four children were, all under 2 years old. The teacher and three children died on the spot. Another school employee was rescued in serious condition and a fourth child had minor injuries. The young man had no police record. In a statement, the Military Police said that after the crime, the young man would have injured his own neck with a machete. He was rescued and taken to the hospital in Pinhalzinho, a neighboring town. According to police, people said that he was bullied, but had never studied at the day care center. The PM also points out that the information is still being investigated. The acting state governor, Daniela Reinehr, declared official mourning for three days. "I express my deep sadness and express my solidarity. I have determined that the Government give all the necessary support to the families," she wrote on Twitter. Source:

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