Number of children protected by the state of SP increases 98% in the last two years


The number of children who needed assistance from the Program for the Protection of Children and Adolescents Threatened with Death (PPCAAM) in the state of São Paulo has almost doubled in the last two years.

Between January and April 2019, 78 children were served. In the same period in 2021, the number jumped to 155 - an increase of 98%. The data were obtained exclusively by GloboNews.

PPCAAM is a São Paulo State Department of Justice program and has existed since 2012. The objective is to investigate reports of violence against children that arrive through Dial 100 or the Public Ministry, for example.

If the threat is found, they act to protect the child and other family members at risk. Often, these people are taken to shelters in other municipalities.

According to the Secretary of Justice and Citizenship, Fernando José da Costa, even with the increase in protégés, there is still underreporting.

"As children are often threatened by their own family members, it is very difficult to seek Guardianship Council, Prosecutor's Office or a police authority. If neighbors or other people become aware of these threats, of the violence practiced, please inform public authorities. it is the organ made to protect the child and remove from living with that family in which he suffers risks ", he explained.

Complaints vs. protection
Although the number of children has grown, the number of requests for protection has dropped. It went from 30 in 2019 to 25 in 2021.

The increase in the number of children, even with a lower number of requests, occurs because in the same complaint there may be more than one child threatened.

For example, if more than one child is being threatened by the father or mother in the home.

It is common for more people in the family to have protection assistance with the child.

Between January and April 2019, the total number of protected persons, including children and adults, was 198. In the same period in 2021, it was 313. The growth is 58%.

Gael Boy Case
On Monday (10), Gael de Freitas Nunes, 3, was found dead inside the house where he lived in the capital of São Paulo.

After the child's death, the São Paulo court ordered the arrest of Andréia Freitas de Oliveira, 37, suspected of murdering her son.

She was arrested in the act on Monday, after being referred to a psychiatric service at the Hospital do Mandaqui, in the North Zone of the city.


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